Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the homeslice's!

tk on the mic @ area for flo rida's album release party
film and the one @ bossa nova

tryn to catch up

j @ the roxy hollywood
south central freestyle skull i did
sevillas riverside for jereks bday

j and cu rachel @ kellys bar

@ mood with ewizzle in the background!
bday boy egypt @ mood good times!
lil sumthing @ my yard in commerce
@ my bro yoda's bday @ downey brewery
j and big phowl who down'd four 50 ounce glass boots in 5 drinks flat he boot bout 23 secs. crazy!

@ rockstar 3yr @ sevillas long beach with dj create
jerek rockstar the homeslice fo sure!
me and tha J
conga room for quinto sol
common and mvlovin doin a spoof on training day
chilln with the cuban @ highlands
highlands wit j
bg bonafide'd!
@ mai tai's long beach
@ cole's for the dranks and french dips @ artwalk
@ s.a. studio's with j and flaco

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


sorry i've been on twitter and my computer too a shit! wack! follow me on twitter nervfastlife!